Top Archaeological Blogs

Whether you’re an archaeological professional, student, or just a regular enthusiast, there are numerous blogs you can follow to enrich your knowledge and get some insightful ideas for your future trips. Below is the list of seven blogs to bookmark:

  • Andy White Anthropology – Maintained by anthropological archaeologist Andy White, this blog covers a variety of topics ranging from human evolution and hunter-gatherers to lithic technology.
  • A Hot Cup of Joe – A veteran archaeologist-blogger blogs about topics that are relevant to professionals in the modern times, such as the use of drones and Android apps for archaeology.
  • Egyptology News – Get your news fix about prehistoric Egypt until the end of the Coptic Period.
  • Museums of Greece – It’s an online repository for anything about archaeological museums in Greece.
  • Penn Museum – The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology maintains an informative blog where students and staff discuss their research, discoveries, and experiences on a broad variety of topics related to collections, exhibitions, museum, and research.
  • PhDiva – More than just an archaeological blog, PhDiva is a personal blog written by a doctorate degree holder based in London that includes topics such as history, travel, food, and style.
  • The Archaeology of Tomb Raider – “Tomb Raider” fans will be delighted to know that there’s a blog dedicated solely to artifacts, archaeological sites, and prehistoric cultures that were featured in the game series and its movie adaptation. Archaeologists and “Tomb Raider” fans are free to submit contributions to the blog.