The Realtors Guide to Selling Mansions

Buying and selling houses, apartments, garages and plots of land has been easy for you, and you’re looking at the future of your career. What lies ahead? Where do you see yourself? What role will you be playing? All these questions and more continue to flood people everyday, with no simple solution. That is unless you’re a realtor that is.

Being a realtor you can make big money from commissione, which means that your wage is relative to the type of properties you sell. Considering that the vast majority of the market sells for well below the $1,000,000 mark, it makes sense to try and sell as many of those properties as you can. Or does it?

Whilst selling a mansion may seem like it is in the realms of impossible, it may be closer than you think. Sure there are pros and cons to selling mansion. It takes so much longer to sell a mansion, and that time could be spent doing research on houses that have a quick turn-over. But a huge plus is that you have reached a massive accolade in your career. You can now wear the (metaphorical) badge of pride when you tell people that you sold a nice sea view mansion that’s been on the market for years. People should, and will be impressed by this feat.

The commission is great too, mostly because of the price of what people are willing to pay. Consider you sell ten houses in 6 months, each of these houses cost somewhere between $80,000 and $140,000. Assuming commision is 10%, you get an average commision of $110,000. Which isn’t bad when you think about it.

Now consider the opposite. You’ve sold only two mansions in the space of 6 months. One cost $12,000,000, another $8,000,000. With 10% commission on each, you’re looking at $200,000.  Not bad for only two mansions (the commission rate is usually higher for mansions, so this number could be even higher) .